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Assisting busy professionals to create custom clothing unique to each client’s personal taste and fit. Custom fit luxury garments perfect for your next personal and professional event. Simply peruse the look books below, choose a design that fits your lifestyle and contact me to schedule an appointment to take your custom measurements and for a free image consultation. Let me assist you in making your next 6 second first impression one to remember.


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Tom James Spring 2022 Collection

Subscription Box

Tom James will now curate a custom box of clothing for our clients that will ship out as a subscription service for each season. Pick the style and amount, that’s all! You in? Delivery will be the week of May 1st and directly shipped to your home.

Anything you don’t like, let me know. No risk, all reward.

Boxes will contain a mix of custom/readymade items/accessories to complement. Let me know if you prefer smart casual or weekend/resort casual.

A – Smart Casual, $1,000.00
B – Weekend Casual, $1,000.00
C – Mix of both, $1,000.00

D – Smart casual, $2,000.00
E – Weekend Casual, $2,000.00
F – Mix of both, $2,000.00

Why Choose Us?

Crafted using your exact measurements, custom clothing is the perfect expression of who you are – or who you intend to be.

It’s about getting what you want. The right fit. The right fabric. The right details. The right style. Our personal clothiers help you choose from over 500 custom suit fabrics and 250 custom dress shirt fabrics. We can help you build your entire wardrobe, including suits, shirts, trousers, sport coats – even custom tuxedos.

Tom James understands how busy you are. That’s why your Personal Clothier meets with you at your convenience. Whether at your office or home, we tend to your wardrobe needs on your schedule. Time is the ultimate luxury – and that is what we provide you.

Heather Ewald

"Sincerely, Ben is a thought leader, consistent, positive, and committed. My personal and professional life is better because of him."

Heather Ewald

MLS student at Washington University Law School

Bill Blankenship

"Ben is a top notch guy to work w/ @Tom James Co. Ben took great care of me."

Bill Blankenship

Director of Acquisition Security (M&A) & Adjunct Professor

Michael Dalton

"Ben does great work. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in bespoke clothing! A+++."

Michael Dalton

Partner at O'Leary, Shelton, Corrigan, Peterson, Dalton & Quillin, LLC (Serious Injury & Death Cases)

Tony Gaebler

"Look good, feel good, play good’, is a phrase often associated with sports, but in working with Ben Lawler and the Tom James Company, I’ve been able to take this to the professional and social event world. I used to dread having to get dressed up, whether it be for an interview, a wedding, etc. because I never had anything that fit right. Luckily, I was introduced to Ben a little more than a year ago and all of that changed. I not only enjoy the custom fit, very well made suits, shirts, and pants, but also working with Ben. He is extremely knowledgeable and will share advice, if/when needed, which has been incredibly helpful. Every conversation we have starts with what we have going on in our personal and professional lives, and that level of customer service is much appreciated. If you’ve every been interested in perfectly fitting and well made clothing, I would absolutely recommend connecting with Ben. I’m glad I did."

Tony Gaebler

Accomplished Alliance and Sales Professional

David W. Lawler

"Ben is my brother so I am partially biased. But I believe there are few people on this planet as passionate, energetic, motivated, and focused as Ben Lawler. I highly recommend Ben for your haberdasher needs or life coaching. Ben is 1/1,000,000 and 10/10 in my book."

David W. Lawler

Trial Attorney at Lawler Brown Law Firm

About Ben Lawler

It’s often said we have just 6 seconds to make a first impression. With this in mind, are you making the most of your 6 seconds?

Convenience: I come to my clients homes and offices in order to help them build the best wardrobe for their lifestyle without taking up precious time.

Personalized Service: Private closet consultations to review your current wardrobe, address any repairs or alterations needed, take inventory of the staple garments you currently have in your closet and develop a list of garment suggestions to start building a complete wardrobe that’s perfectly suits your fit and lifestyle.

Value: We are 100% vertically integrated which allows my clients to get the highest end luxury fabrics with a completely custom fit straight from the source.

Ben Lawler
Bespoke Clothier

Our Primary Focus is to collect new and gently used suits to donate to individuals in need.The project is geared towards high school and college students who are in need of business clothing for interviews, employment, or any other sound need. While growth is underway, we are only accepting male business attire at this time.
Ben Lawler co-founded the St. Louis Suit Project with the mission to provide professional business attire to deserving individuals in need. We work towards eliminating the barriers caused by financial inequality and unfortunate circumstance throughout all aspects of life.


Tom James Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom clothing. We make high quality custom suits and custom dress shirts for busy professionals in St Louis and the surrounding areas. We also provide all of the furnishings needed to complete your custom look. Ben comes directly to your home or office, saving you valuable time.

Tom James of St Louis
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St Louis, MO 63141


One of the biggest reasons I chose to go with custom tailoring, is the fit. There is nothing in the general market that fits my structure. I could almost never find a blouse that would fit my waist and my chest, let alone that combination with arm length. For dresses and pants, I’ve always had to size up to fit my hips, yet shrink the waist and shorten the length in order to attempt a decent fit. It just was never right. I’d spend money on top of money, with okay tailoring. Going with Tom James, well that was more than simple tailoring, it was going with a new way of dressing; a new way of never having to feel like no matter what, my clothes just didn’t fit me quite right. The reality is that fit not feeling quite right, leads to an erosion in one’s confidence and undermines the security needed to effectively execute. While men might be used to having options when it comes to suits, as women, there is usually very little. You might have a couple of basic brands that if you are lucky you get a size that “fits” in the style you want. I love suits - I love ALL suits. I love dress suits. I love pants suits. I absolutely love cufflink shirts. How many cufflink shirts do you think exist for women? Very few. I have over 50 pairs of cufflinks and had a couple of shirts that I could wear…and by wear, I mean pinned the top together at the bust with a safety pins. All the ladies get me. You either safety pin or you flash the world. There is no in between. Then, if you have a shirt that is a stiff material, if it fits the bust, it is guaranteed not to fit the waste. If it fits the waste, it is guaranteed to not fit the bust. You end up looking like a stuffed toy either way. Psychologically, we are back to the lack of “fit” telling us what we’ve been told for years…we don’t fit. Now add to that zero choices and what do you get? Not being able to wear the clothes that make the (wo)man. This is where Tom James made a huge difference for me.As an executive, you need every possible advantage. The value of a well-tailored suit should not be underestimated. I will tell you that I had no idea how much better I could look in clothing that was truly designed for my body. I remember looking in the mirror and looking slimmer, and there was nothing different except that suit.


I intentionally selected Tom James and Ben because of who I knew he had as clientele. I said to myself, if you want to feel equal, you get equal, and that meant the best. That meant the tailor to the highest level of executives. That meant Tom James. I think one of the biggest surprises was the selections of styles and materials. Everything from the plummest of plums to the brightest greens. From casual wear to formal wear, from Spring to Winter. Being able to add just a little extra “something” is the way I roll and I can do that beyond what I had ever thought possible. I completely changed out my wardrobe this year. I almost exclusively wear Tom James clothing. And my cufflinks, they certainly get a lot of play. The first time I ever saw a pair of cufflinks on a man, I thought why are women not embracing this too? I love the elegance a cuffed shirt adds, and if you think about it, just about every image of a high powered executive is of a man in a great suit, with a great shirt and a pair of cufflinks. Did I mention I’ve worn a bow-tie too? I have a killer velvet bowtie and knockout suit to match. There is nothing better than knowing you look the very best you can look in more than just a basic black suit. One of my favorite things about Tom James is the suit liners. I know it probably sounds silly, but there is something about those liners that makes me feel like I have an inside secret to success.


I can tell you that when I wear my suits, I get noticed. I get noticed not just by the men, but by the women as well. For the men, I wasn’t sure how they would react, whether it would be considered problematic that I too could wear these clothes. I was pleasantly surprised with nods of approval; nods that said to me, you get it. I can pull off just as powerful a look, with all the feminism I want and command the same respect. With women, here is a truth we all know: If another woman compliments you, then you really (and I mean REALLY) look great. Women will most often complement another woman when they see someone that is standing out from the crowd and elicits a positive reaction by others. They complement and then ask where you got the outfit, because they want to feel that way too. As a woman, I know that many of us suffer from imposter syndrome; we doubt ourselves even when we are more than qualified. I use my suits like a shield of armor. No matter what, that suit commands respect, even on the days I’m feeling my least confident. So when sometimes I feel like I can’t, it helps me just enough to get me over the hump and feel like I can. There is a lot more to clothes than most of us think. The subtle differences the clothes we wear make in others’ perception of us and the differences our clothing makes in how we think of ourselves can truly make or break our successes. I’m grateful to have found Tom James and Ben. I think of them as partners in my own personal success and I look forward to years to the years to come. It’s a great brand, with great threads!

Jennifer Keegan PhD